June 2, 2018

Kickstarter Volunteer Info

Thank you for your willingness to assist The Sonic Portal crew with our mission to build a new updated spaceship. Below are links that will connect you with the appropriate dept to help you stay in touch and receive updates that are in accordance with your desired level of involvement. We have always been fan sponsored and could never do this without your help. We truly appreciate your aid and want to best direct your talents, labor and willingness to help in the best possible way. Whether your interested in donating, volunteering labor, or actually being part of the art team to build a better spaceship we want to hear from you!

Donate to Our KickStarter Campaign:

Click on this link if you want to donate, are thinking about donating, want to know when the campaign launch date is, or want to learn more about the rewards for backing our campaign


Volunteer for General Kickstarter Campaign Tasks and Getting the Word Out About Our Campaign:

Just like the Sonic Portal experience our Kickstarter campaign is a tremendous undertaking. Please click this link if you wish to apply your time and labor to our campaign. Joining this list will help us coordinate our volunteers. For the duration of the campaign we will need assistance in a number of areas that include:

  • Social Media participation re-tweeting, liking, commenting, and sharing updates, posts and our Kickstarter links on all the platforms
  • Reaching out to/soliciting to friends, family acquaintances and fans.
  • Press releases and Press Research. Finding people who have written about us, would write about us or have written about similar activities
  • Contacting/emailing press in your area for interviews or features
  • Contacting/emailing influencers relevant to our activities such as blogs, Forums,
  • Facebook groups and page Admins and asking them to share our Kickstarter link
  • Email List/Newsletter writing and interaction
  • Facebook and Instagram Advertising
  • Facebook and Instagram posting
  • Content creation for posts. Videos, Graphics, Pictures, Stories, Testimonies anything of interest
  • Campaign page maintenance/updates
  • Backer interaction on campaign page
  • Community building
  • Gonging, soliciting, networking and passing out stickers at events

Volunteer directly for the Sonic Portal experience at events:

Click this link if you want to fill out an application to directly help The Sonic Portal crew provide our one of a kind entertainment at events