March 1, 2018


The Sonic Portal is fueled by the passions of James Thomas, and a group of regional volunteers who are dedicated to sharing the concept of vibration by means of performance and demonstration. Since 2008, The relaXSonic crew has been traveling extensively throughout North America showcasing their remarkable Sonic Portal entertainment concept at music, yoga, arts and consciousness festivals as well as private functions and other public gatherings.

The tremendous gratitude from participants during a 2008 festival trial run that included Camp Bisco Music Festival,Rothbury Music Festival, Gathering of the Vibes Music Festival, Mountain Jam Music Festival and a handful of small New England venues incited an expansion from a lose hobby to a full time commitment. In 2009, The crew’s first full tour with a box truck, a few gongs, a chair, and a lot of courage (then known as Gong The Planet) ensued. The group set off on a 28 state tour that lasted almost six months, allowing them to share their performances with thousands of unsuspecting festival patrons effectively making them a staple on the music festival circuit. When the dust cleared at the end of the 2009 summer season the Sonic Portal was forged. Now with a more cohesive stage they were able to share their performance with greater numbers, and take the concept to another level by adding lighting, digital sound, and an organized effort.

Many moons later The Sonic Portal crew is doing what they do best, blowing unsuspecting minds at music festival with their psychedelic transportation service. Look for them at your favorite festival this up coming summer season.

Meet the Architect

Admiral Hitzz
Admiral Hitzz

Admiral Hitzz was abducted by The Sonicarians and forced to join the Galactic Sonic Sculptor Academy. Seeing their misuse of the concept in the higher galactic order, he liberated the plans for The Sonic Portal from the Grand Master Chancellor. Hitzz then fled the Space Base deep in the sector and closed the gateway to their galaxy permanently, vowing to introduce its secrets to all of Earth's inhabitants. A message of hope for those who that choose to listen and a nuisance to those who just hear some noise.

Behind the enigma of our space theme is a scientific backbone that combines two components:

1. The “Rocket Engines” or anchor position of our spaceship provide constant vibrational stimuli that can engage your vagus nerve. The word "vagus" meaning ”wanderer” in Latin, accurately represents how the nerve wanders throughout the body reaching various organs like the heart lungs, stomach and intestines. Positive stimulation of this nerve has the potential to impact brain waves, respiratory rate, heart rate, other biological rhythms assisting in calming the body and therefore the mind.


2. The “Pilot” or Tone position immerses participants in concentrated and echoed sound waves varying slightly in frequency to instigate phasing that can mimic binaural beats. This activity has the potential to en-train your brain's active beta neuro-electrical patterns to brainwave frequencies that we normally only reach while unconscious. This technique is essentially “tricking” your brain into entering a dream like state while you are awake and aware. An illusion of traveling, timelessness,, and outer-body experiences are frequently reported. These reports had a tremendous influence in forging our spaceship theme. and is a topic that has long interested both composers as well as scientists of varying fields. This neurological phenomenon may account for the surreal testimonies people have shared after journeying with us