Welcome to relaXsonic.com home of the Sonic Portal

The Sonic Portal Mission:

Is to unlock what lies inside of you and shake it free via vibrational waves with a voyage to inner & outer space and everywhere in-between. From the depths of your imagination to the edge of your awareness our goal is to provide a non verbal lesson in the moment while giving you an experience you never dreamed possible.

Our Orgins

Performing around you in 360 degrees our Sonic Sculptors utilize a precisely tuned collection of nickel-silver planetary gongs. The unique and fluid soundscape we create allows vibrations to permeate your body, giving you an extra-sensory experience not only heard but felt. This level of sound immersion can rapidly disconnect you from your chaotic modern environment, allowing you to float away to another reality creating an amazing illusion of transport.

"We don't know where you're going, but we know how to get you there!" - Admiral Hitzz